Our Vision

The adventure of a lifetime starts now. It will take you straight to the future of gaming. Through new markets, game development, technologies, inventions and the constant transformation of the world. For us, it is a chance to redefine everything. To change the players lifestyles - the way we talk, think, behave and play. Add fire to the competition, humour to speeches, a little lifestyle to boring outfits and fresh air to dusty arenas. We believe in what's new. The newest training methods, out-of-the-box solutions and our approach that being a world-class player makes you more of a rockstar than just a gamer. We're here to show the best is yet to come - so far you have seen nothing. Still don't believe us? Hold my beer…

  • I. Demand more from yourself. Nobody else really cares.
  • II. Don’t look back. Backwards is not the way you’re going.
  • III. Winning, for some reason, always tastes good.
  • IV. If you’re not getting any closer, find another way.
  • V. Be stubborn, make a mess, prove them wrong.
  • VI. Gaming unites, stupidity divides.
  • VII. Live like a rockstar, behave like a gentleman.
  • VIII. It’s far worse not to have a sense of humour than having too much.
  • IX. Enjoy the little things. Score the big ones.
  • X. Good things happen also offline.
  • XI. Dress like a rockstar already.
  • 2019
  • $3m
  • 3
  • 78