If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here

  • Kinguin

    Kinguin's mission is to provide sellers and buyers from all around the world the possibility to trade video games at a fair price with no hassle through an innovative platform.

  • Orbit

    For years, Orbit has been building healthy habits among young people. We are present wherever they are, in order to reach them, in the most effective way possible, with education about a healthy and beautiful smile, fresh breath, and self-confidence. We are happy to enter into another fascinating world of people with real passion.

  • Wyższa Szkoła Kultury Fizycznej i Turystyki

    The University in its basic educational mission meets the market demand for high-class specialists in sports, physical education and tourism. Observation of trends in the world economy led to the decision to create a degree program in esports. The strengths are the high quality of education with a friendly approach to each student by the staff.